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Multiplat Systems
Our Portfolio
What makes Multiplat Systems services unique in the world is our one-to-one relationships with our customers. You have a problem come straight to us. It works like this: Multiplat Systems offers its clients with a host of web solution services that not only help them achieve their goals, but is also extremely cost effective for them.

Although Multiplat Systems is a fairly new addition to the world of web development, yet it has been able to establish a name for itself in a very short period of time, based on the fact that, our clientele is primarily overseas.

Maintaining the client confidentiality protocols, we abstain ourselves from sharing overseas client information. However, in the spirit of open environment, we would be more than happy to provide our users with a broader perspective of our clients based in the Indian Subcontinent. . Here we provide you with a glimpse of our latest web projects:


Our focus lies in increasing our client’s efficiency through the use of latest web applications and to provide highest ROI for every dollar spent on building the technology infrastructure. Business and Organizations have chosen IT Chimes over its competitors because of our quality of work, reliability and commitment to on-time delivery with client’s satisfaction.

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Multiplat Systems
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Multiplat Systems
Multiplat Systems
Multiplat Systems
Multiplat Systems
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Multiplat Systems
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